-The first products were made in 1995.
At the very beginning we were dealing with manufacturing of different kinds of tools, hunting and fishing equipment and the like.
In the following period, a lot of time and energy has been spent into investing in the future company and developing the manufacturing.
-The EL-MET SISTEM company started working in the year 2000., the month of March.
-Today, EL-MET SISTEM is in the business of manufacturing machines for wire processing.

– automatic and semiautomatic mesh lines
– truss (latice) girder machines
– drawing lines
– straightening machines
– bending machines
– butt welders

-The sale of our products has been effective in the foreign countries such as: Russia, Greece, Israel, Palestina, Algeria, Nigeria, Canada, Romania, Bulgary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania…
-The EL-MET SISTEM company tends to take part in numerous fairs, so we take  pride in  diplomas and acknowlegdements. One of them is a prize for being a part of the best technological innovation in 2011.
-We pay special attention to state –of- the- art equipment and we always strive to improve business, quality, speed and efficency of our services (using CNC machines).